Dealing with the Ex: Online Intensive

Dealing with the ex can be one of the hardest parts of being a stepmom.

Even the most secure woman in the world can feel challenged when another woman is constantly vying for her partner’s attention and trying to control her household – especially if the ex is high conflict.

We can get really tripped up by her presence, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Some of the more difficult behaviors you might be witnessing and/or experiencing include:

  • Excessive communications with your partner, under the guise of the “child’s best interest”
  • Refusing to acknowledge your presence, or to allow you at school/doctor’s visits
  • Overt aggression
  • Lying to the kids about you and/or your partner
  • Being the target of blame and false accusations

All the tools have been exponentially more helpful than months of therapy!  – H.C.

Here’s a brief overview of the trainings you’ll receive during the Intensive.

Training #1: Take inventory of your where you’re currently at mentally and emotionally, and learn how and why many of your emotions are triggered by instincts, and how to overcome them.

Training #2: Learn the importance of being a supportive partner, and how to do that while still protecting yourself from the ex. This has the added bonus of greatly improving your relationship!

Training #3: Learn how to quickly set your mind at ease and release judgement and expectations of the ex.

Training #4: Learn the importance of boundaries and how to create effective, healthy boundaries that will protect you in all areas of life.

Training #5: Learn how to get control of obsessive thoughts, and how to refocus on your mental and physical energy away from the ex, and on to creating a life you love.

Training #6: Receive a variety of strategies to help you in various situations with the ex, including how to ease anxiety when you have to be in her presence, or when thoughts of her arise.

Whether the ex in your life is a decent woman or she’s extremely high-conflict, you don’t have to feel stuck at the mercy of her behaviors or your feelings for her.

In this Intensive, you’ll learn new, healthy ways to cope with her behaviors and how to take control of your situation.

You’ll learn:

  • How to protect yourself  while still supporting your partner.
  • If a relationship with her is possible and if so, what that might look like.
  • How to deal with the stress
  • How to start feeling more positive
  • How to stop feeling like she controls your life
  • How to interrupt obsessive thoughts and negative feelings towards her

These sessions and the Training have been incredibly helpful. Thank you a million time over! – H.B.

This intensive isn’t just for women dealing with a difficult ex, it’s for anyone having trouble adjusting to having an ex in their life. 

How it works

  • After you register, you'll receive login credentials for a website where you'll access all of your training materials.  
  • The coaching and group support takes place online through a secret Facebook group. I'll be "on call" in the group for the entire 2 weeks. This is where you’ll be able to ask questions and share your experiences, challenges and wins. 
  • The intensive includes short video trainings, assignments, coaching and support from me and the rest of the community.
  • There will be 2 Facebook Live Q&A’s with me, but if you can’t attend, you’ll be given the opportunity to post your questions ahead of time and then watch the recording at your convenience.
  • When you register for the Intensive, you'll have the opportunity to opt in to a FREE 30-day trial in the Stepmom Revolution community. NOTE: If you are already a member of Stepmom Revolution and are purchasing an online Intensive, please DO NOT accept the 30-day Free Trial offer. Accepting this offer will create TWO accounts for you - and lots of trouble for me. ;) 

Please contact me to find out when the next Intensive will be scheduled.

Your investment in the Dealing-with-the-Ex Intensive is just $99. 


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