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Dealing with the Ex

This is a 2-week, online Intensive where you'll learn new, healthy ways to cope with her behaviors and how to take control of your situation.

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Relationship Improvement

This is a 2-week, online Intensive where you’ll learn how to break unhealthy patterns, bring the happiness and love back into your relationship.

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Role Clarity

This is a 2-week, online Intensive you'll get clear on your role, so you’ll know how to make the right decisions for yourself and your family, and get their support. 

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"I am a teacher with multiple advanced degrees. I am taking Jenna’s 2 week Intensive course, Dealing with the Ex, and I am blown away!! I am a really tough critic when it comes to courses (I’ve taken quite a few). I am only 6 days into the course and have already gotten so much useful information. I would HIGHLY recommend this course for any step mom (whether your partner’s ex is high conflict or not)."

Candice Avrich

"I am so grateful I found the amazing online community that Jenna has built. I joined Jenna’s Dealing with Ex Workshop which was such a game changer. Jenna guided us to better understand the situation and gave use concrete, easy to implement advice to help us deal with the situation, in a positive way that would benefit my relationship. I highly recommend it for anyone in this situation. After that, I joined the online Stepmom Revolution, which has also been amazing. We all share our stories, judgement free, and Jenna is always there to respond immediately/give her input/ guide us through dealing with any problem, big or small. It really is an amazing community!"


"Forever thankful for discovering Stepmom Revolution and Jenna Korf. Jenna takes a hands on approach with each of her stepmom clients and truly works with all of us with the intent of helping us achieve a peaceful and positive mind and spirit. "


One on One Coaching

Being a stepparent is one of the hardest things you'll ever do, and nearly impossible to do without the right support. I'll help you navigate your situation, finding strategies & solutions to your most pressing issues. 

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Stepmom Retreats

Join us for an immersive, life-changing, 4-day stepmom retreat where you’ll rest, recharge, learn and emerge happier than you’ve been in a long time.

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Become a Certified Stepfamily Coach

Are you a professional therapist, counselor or coach who works with stepfamilies or would like to? Attend this online, go-at-your-own-pace coach certification program and join the elite group of coaches who are trained specifically in Stepfamily Dynamics.

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