"Forever thankful for discovering Stepmom Revolution and Jenna Korf. Jenna takes a hands on approach with each of her stepmom clients and truly works with all of us with the intent of helping us achieve a peaceful and positive mind and spirit. Achieving that has enabled me to be the best version of me by giving me the understandings I️ needed to navigate and handle the often difficult dynamics of a stepfamily life and a HCBM. I️ have found that, in my short time as a member of Jenna’s group, I️ am much less agitated and bothered by the HCBM in my situation and my mind ruminates way less about the situation. For 5 years I️ desperately looked for help and read everything and anything I️ could. Once I️ found this group I️ stopped looking and now look to this group exclusively as my source for guidance and as a sounding board when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Definitely worth the reasonable monthly cost. Thank you Jenna!"


"Where to begin.. I was in a rut and needed support – something beyond my bi-weekly counseling appointments.. I needed something more regular where I could reach out any time. I knew I really needed to begin doing the maintenance necessary to keep my life/feelings/emotions in check! I strolled across stepmomhelp.com and perused the Facebook page for a bit. I then realized the Stepmom Revolution page existed and decided to give it a shot! It is by FAR one of THE BEST decisions I’ve made in this new life! Jenna is extraordinary! She is extremely helpful and has a great way of delivering her messages/words to myself and the other women in our group. Jenna is very straightforward and knowledgeable! Knowing that you’re not alone in the step/blended family life is SUCH a help! I’m so thankful for Jenna and this group. My experience has truly been life-changing in the most positive ways! Are you stuck in the “yuck” phase of stepmom life and feeling like hope is out of reach? If so, think again! Join the Stepmom Revolution! Let’s guide, support, and empower one another! We look forward to meeting you 🙂"


"I stumbled upon Stepmom Revolution while I was crying alone in my room, feeling utterly helpless and infuriated. I’d read several self-help books and was already in personal counseling, but Jenna has such specific and constructive feedback for stepmoms! I learned that stepfamiles have a completely unique dynamic and I needed someone who understood that! After only a few months, I feel empowered and sane. Thank you, Jenna!"


"I feel so fortunate to have found Jenna and the Stepmom Revolution group. For me, it’s better than any therapy I’ve ever had. I’ve been a stepmom for almost nine years, yet continuously find myself being challenged in new and different ways as my stepdaughter (now 12) gets older. Joining the Revolution group was like immediately finding a “team” of women who support and totally understand me because they are experiencing the same struggles that I do…we’re in this together, and together we are stronger. And Jenna, she is our incredible coach! If I am struggling with an issue and seeking feedback, I feel comfortable going out to the group. Even if I didn’t participate in the group as much as I do by posting comments for others or seeking feedback for myself, just seeing the issues that other stepmoms are dealing with (and realizing they are very similar to mine) makes me feel like I am not alone!"

Haley D.

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