"One of the best workshops I have attended. It made me see things from a different angle and helped me find some much needed peace with my husband. Thank you, Jenna."


"I'm enjoying the trainings and trying to really focus when I read them, implement what we're learning, and think about what changes I need to make. Overall, it has helped me to remember to try to be my best self and I've been able to tell myself that his negative responses are his issue so they're affecting me less. The trainings are also, in a way, reminding me of how unbalanced this relationship feels since it's just an unnatural situation to have your SO's past life so in your face. But, I have noticed some positive shifts - I'm not reacting as much to what I view as negative responses from him and I've been making a conscious effort to thank him more and show appreciation. Now we'll wait and see if changes come from him after I keep this up for awhile. :)"


" I have really enjoyed the training and questions. I have discussed about half of this with my husband and we've had some great conversations about what relates to us and our family and I feel more on the same page than I ever have. This is continually a work in progress and we'll have good days and bad days, but I've learned how I can react differently, or be proactive instead of having to be reactive in the aftermath of some things. Now...I just need a little more patience with children!!! :)"


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